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Rare translations…



……of publications by Erhard Landmann

To be able to come to desire to erhard compatriot in English-speaking countries to read and understand, this text was translated.For those inclined readers who are of the German language is not powerful, understandably, but still want to know what it is about in my articles, I will now publish all posts by Erhard Landmann English with the help of a “translator” from the Internet . Should Somehow a sentence, a word, or the like, do not meet the English, please provide brief info so I can change it! I wish you much pleasure now only times when reading the posts of Erhard Landmann! I will start with the “first” with the name of his articles “Contact attempts – The Ummo – matter and the Voynich” Manuscript ” from 2000 or earlier, there is no date specified for this purpose! Have fun now while reading, and recommend me more, all over the world!

Note: I have the permission of Erhard Landmann, I may publish his article, and also for my purposes “to build” must!

Legal notice this as!

Greet´s Dar Cut Eli!


Contact attempts – The Ummo thing and the Voynich Manuscript

by Erhard Landmann (1)

The mid-sixties of the last century many people were mainly in Spain, and later in France, writing letters and even telephone calls, allegedly from Aliens should have been written from a planet called Ummo. This Planet should are in the range of a Star, the Astronomers call our Wolf 424 and about 14 light Years is to be removed from the earth. Today, astronomers can thanks to the Hubble – Telescope view this area well and close an inhabited planet from there rather. As always and everywhere in the ufology and other territories seized those 5 groups of People of the topic, which always and everywhere to prevent the truth: the money-makers, the go with foolhardy stories on fools, the busybody that are in the 2 groups of thoughtlessly divide all types and confirming all the cynical denying skeptics who Cult founder who want to capture the spiritually poor and eventually the secret services and the detractors and tracklayer authorize. In Spain, which was then under the Franco dictatorship suffered Franco’s secret service and the CIA were befriended naturally very active, but the Eastern Bloc intelligence agencies to the KGB and the Stasi was deeply involved. What is astonishing about the Ummo thing is that it was held almost 35 years of cooking. Have normally Moneymaker after 2 to 5 years, grazed all the intelligence gathered their information and their red herrings down the pompous satisfies their inclination and the sparkling soul catcher new sects founded. So who holds a thing over 35 years of cooking? Amazing is also a second point. The French physicist Jean Pierre Petit, the inventor of the MHD technology acknowledged that it has a part of his extensive scientific knowledge of the letters “Ummiten” owes. But this does not mean first that the letters written by aliens were. The intelligence community can also leading scientists and their Have redirected research results. But why, rather such knowledge are indeed rather concealed. Anyway, the internet is full of articles with sky screaming nonsense aboutthe aliens from the planet Ummo that you have to ask the question: Is it worth it because ever, in all the confusion of intentional fraud, mills, land and busybodies from Intelligence and Cover down false leads to a grain of truth Search if there ever was one.

No, a reasonable person would say that. And so did I, until about 2 weeks. I had told myself honest, hardly dealt with the matter “Ummo”. A few days ago was I was in the search engine on the Internet a few French words. As the search engines with search bit patterns, one often gets displayed items that you do not look. So I came across an article: “If the language of Ummiten Chinese?”. A woman had in fact Overmeire claimed that the language of Ummiten is Chinese and she also wanted to know the same forger, a certain diplomat who lived in China for several years. This is of course not true. Because all Languages of the earth and the universe of the “e li diutic” language, you can of course prove in any language and some leftover similarities. It has for example the Basque language compared with almost every language on earth, and always proved successful. Or think of the nonsense of the Finno-Ugric language group, which is based the fact that almost 40 Words (no, not between Finnish and Hungarian, but from all over the supposedly Finnish language group to include plenty of Siberian languages, like the language of Wodjaken etc.) are similar to each other, after centuries of the Hungarian language had counted the Turkic languages. In the present article I now refuted a sinologist this Overmeire woman. “Again this Ummo-nonsense,” I thought and wanted to click away the text on the screen, As the name of the Belgian physicist and professor Auguste Meessen caught my eye. This Professor Meessen was commissioned by the Belgian Government at the beginning of the 90s, the to investigate former UFO wave scientifically. Professor Meessen is not only a excellent physicist and scientist, he is also a deeply honest, responsible and democratic person. I had read some of his articles and was very impressed. Therefore I printed this Article from the Internet from, in Meessen the professor had made a study of the language of Ummiten. When I read the results of this investigation, I almost hit the shock. The language of Ummiten has almost only words that begin with vowels (a, e, i, o, u,) begin hardly any that begin with consonants. This was exactly what I had found weeks Voynich manuscript. I was looking for quickly the Ummo dictionary on the web and then I soon much of the chair. The same Vocabulary as the Voynich Manuscript, the Galaxy Od, the Allau, etc. Even the Planet Fe, after our month of February was named, was mentioned, but laid in the constellation Aries. And suddenly snap the chains of association through my brain. The Muslims call it a community the “Umma”, man is called in Italian “uomo”, in Latin “homo”, in French “homme”. In latinium texts is of a Planet “omni” in the galaxy od the speech. To translate but “Omnia” wrong with “everything, everyone.” The planet Ummo (omni) thus lies in the galaxy OD, not the Star Wolf 424.

Suddenly correlations were clear. I noticed that the medieval pictures of 1555 and 1560 in Nuremberg and Basel, showed the struggles of spacecraft through these towns, the Report a Polish journalist who filmed the battle of 33 UFOs in Russia and promptly by the Russian secret service was removed and the film was shown and the thing with the Tungus “meteorite”, where eyewitnesses to the 90 so-called Have lived for years, reported spacecraft from 8 different directions coming to have seen and where it exploded next to the main office, two other explosion sites hundreds of kilometers, are. As a child I heard in my home town of Central Germany older people that they at that time, 1908, a week before the crash of the alleged meteorite (Mind you, a week before) saw a burning or shining city on the sky wanted. Finally, the many strange reports of UFO sightings where UFOs systematically the ground floor or the water surface have searched a lake and suddenly another UFO out of the dark rose and hastily disappeared in space, just as it would be been sought or the other UFOs. Why did the Bush administration in the U.S. in August 2006 stated that space is hers (And by what right?) Is and that everyone who shows up there, mercilessly shot down, but where supposedly no one is there and the enemies of the United States, the so-called poor “rogue states” summarizes all of which are already occupied by U.S. troops and are not able to space? If you want us to how many mean well informed, including the French physicist JJ Petit, in a involve intergalactic space war and draw? If the planet in the galaxy is Ummo OD, of which our human ancestors came, this probably means that we have the same origin and “related”, these Aliens from the galaxy of OD but those others that mankind for over 1000 Can govern years of secret societies prevented from contact shots with us are. I suddenly realized that it has long been a string of attempts to Contact the Ummiten gave that were systematically prevented. How difficult a Such contact is, you can already see the diversity of terrestrial languages. Originally we had the same e li diutische language.

Today there are estimated on Earth 4000 to 7000 languages and dialects that are mutually unintelligible to those who do not learn has. So which language should choose the Ummitenn when in France, South America, Japan or land China. Even north china speaks a language not understood in southern China. So we have the Voynich manuscript, the so-called Marian apparitions, the Crop circles and the letters of the 4-Ummo spectacular attempts to contact our extraterrestrial “relatives” who always were prevented from controlling us. It is like in the story of the hare and the tortoise. Help us whatever the ending of the galaxy Od to Also try to contact their opponents with their humanity dominant Instruments of power are always there because they have a home game, as they say in football and the boundless stupidity of most mass people on their side. Let’s look at it. Since was the Voynich manuscript. It had to be written in a hurry and anxiety, fear of Inquisition and the Jesuits, at least the Catholic Church.

And then landed for about 400 Years where, exactly, these Jesuits, who ran it disappear in the monastery. The many attempts direct contact with individual people and children, as in Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorne and many other places, were now of the Catholic Church as “Apparitions” explained, forced the children to silence and locked in monasteries and primitive lies about the Messages disseminated. See Fatima, where an out-of-earthly undertook a series of visits to contact you and then they should have preached to assassinate a pope. Holy Straw bag, how should a normal alien, who is also just a “man” and not a clairvoyant, even if he operates aerospace, foresee such a thing? Ask our times but spaceman, doing in the space station service, which they them a meet the aliens probably could predict about any attacks on their planet. But the most stupid of Simple who veralberten masses flock to the alleged holy places of pilgrimage, as the powerful want. The crop circles, retry the contact be purchased immediately from primitive, Types of military and the “other” imitation. The media lie and make things ridiculous.

Everything in the plan, everything as usual. Now you only really understand why the aliens have left out of the galaxy in an OD of crop circles the following message: “Take heed before the bearers of false gifts and the promise of liars. There is a lot of suffering, but there is still time. There are also good down here. We lean against the fraud. ” As the attempts to contact the “Ummo letters” were thwarted, I have already set forth above. Finally there are the many wannabe contactor and spinners, you best it recognizes that they always tell you all that nonsense, as the “extraterrestrial Jesus, “of being with supposed” Sumerian “and” Akkadian “name (Ashtar and Ishtar are especially popular), talk of “Anunakis” and the like cottage cheese. If the word “Anunaki” actually ago would in ancient texts, it would diutischen in the e li language, only the “naked ancestor” mean and no case a genus of extraterrestrials.

Who knows anything definite, who only speculate or translated totally wrong on ancient writings as Bible, Koran or the Epic of Gilgamesh leaves, etc., who is not even able to ancient texts and go to sources and read them in e li diutischer language, not only contributes nothing to In truth, but the thing operates the enemies of humanity. We now have the Ability to translate the ancient texts correctly and read. I would like young people free train. We follow the admonition of the crop circle and “we brace ourselves against fraud” by We seek the truth and not lie to us from political and religious windbags leave.

It starts with the television and the daily press.


So here is special for you, the next article by Erhard Landmann. In this article it is among other things the question: What was really going on in Tunguska? Meteor? Space Battle With big Bang? Read it for yourself! Have fun.
As always with online translator translates, in bottles or similar words, please send me!

The battle over the Tunguska (2)

For thousands of battles in the universe and in our earth Heaven
from Erhard Landmann

Imagine, it happens a great event and there are more than 900 living witnesses of it. Furthermore, a number of Events that are connected with it, appear in Newspaper reports and official letters of that time. After many years it is a commission and study groups, this should clear up the matter closely and these people care a damn about the 900 surviving eyewitnesses to the Newspaper reports and to the sometimes been said under oath official Reports. They say it would not exist, and probably came from the Children’s Tales of the shield citizens? Far from it. This is almost typical of a certain kind of our scientists.

On 30 June 1908, there were in Siberia, in the area of ​​Tunguska River a tremendous explosion. But this is already wrong. It was next to the main explosion with its epicenter yet at least two slightly smaller but still immensely huge explosions with smaller epicenters.  There are dozens of books and hundreds of reports on the internet about this Event that anyone can read in all possible languages.

Therefore I do not want too much about this event repeat, only a few facts from the eyewitness accounts perform. For, what appears more important for me, this Observed event in a larger context. Readers this Article who want to investigate further their own research, I recommend the article by N.V. Vasilyev and especially of Vladimir Rubtsov, the way I came to the same conclusion: On 30 June 1908 was a battle between spacecraft Alien instead. So-called scholars have assert bold theses so: it had at the impact been a Meteonoritem or other celestial body (Which no traces left behind), or whether anti-matter from the Space explodes, or there was a small black hole explodes and other frippery. What, however, are the facts? A week before the event, more precisely, of 23 June 1908 to 30 June 1908 (plus two days after the event) there was in Europe strange light phenomena, so that for example in London at midnight, the newspaper was able to read without artificial light source. Mind you, a week before the event.

A meteorite or other Celestial bodies are hardly allowed the fun, for eight days around to fly to Europe, so people can read at night and newspaper then says at 30 June 1908 at 7.15 clock, so now have the long enough at night reading her newspaper, now, I can about the Tunguska explosion. Eyewitnesses have cigar-shaped and sphere-shaped spacecraft from eight different directions flying saw and at various time points. The main explosion took place at 7.15 clock then saw ascend spacecraft and there were witnesses in the afternoon (afternoon) missile ascend saw. Between the plurality of larger Eplosionen there listen to several minutes of “artillery or cannon fire,” says a lot of eyewitnesses. So much for the facts. Allow me to make a To mention “private” witnesses.

One of my maternal aunts told me that one of her aunts, that a great aunt of mine who I no longer know where my birth because they was already dead, along with dozens of another People, then 1908 (without it ever something from Tunguskaereignis have one), a “burning city in the sky” somewhere over Central Germany have seen this people, and interpreted this as a sign for the first time World War, which unfortunately also took place. It is now also finds of artifacts with “extraterrestrial” Enter characters which one seeks to decipher, and not published. Because I know that in the whole universe the same font and Elidiutic apply the same language, it would be easy for me To read this writing. They would only release. The ancient scriptures are full of reports of battles in spa


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